Friday October 24 , 2014
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June 7th, 2012

What started as a late day chase about 3:30 pm along I-80 west of Cheyenne wyoming ended up in Nunn, CO with a beautiful mothership supercell 7 hours later....from the SAME storm we started on in Wyoming!

About 6 PM we abandoned our slightly dying storm along I-80 and decided to venture up to the continually producing supercells just 10 miles up Highway 85 north of Cheyenne.  After meeting up with our good friends from loveland, the Peterson's, we proceeded to highway 217 off I-80 east of cheyenne to re-intercept the storms.  The storms were not producing anything noteworthy and Mike, riding shotgun, and I noticed our first little cell of the day had made it into colorado...and was getting BIG!  Completly un-tapped fuel was sitting just south into Colorado, and this storm was EXPLODING!

We noticed as the storm overtook us multiple times sitting on the side of the road the temps were changing rapidly, the cold front showing on the BV scan of cheyenne's radar was playing a major part of this storm.  Drop 5 miles south, 77 the storm caught up, 65 degrees.  At 8:45 PM nws had a report from a trained spotter of a torando 7 NW of nunn, co.  I have a picture with a date/timestamp of 8:45 pm looking at a beautiful funnel hanging over Belmont Farms off CR100, i believe this to be the reported tornado.

We ended our chase just north of Ault, Colorado with an amazing set of pictures, a tornado warned storm that we started on in wyoming 7 hours earlier, 1000+ pictures of the storm, and some very bloodshot tired eyes!

Amazing day, Amazing storms, and can't think of a better way to finish a Thursday!!  Be sure to check the June Gallery.


June 2nd, 2012 chase

My first chase of the 2012 season finally happened on the 2nd of June!  While not very impressive, there were multiple gustnadoe spinups as the frontal boundary passed by.  About 300 miles were logged today and it was a great first run of the equipment in the 2012 season.

Minus that burning smell that came from the a/c vents for a while there was some great shelf structure and fun to be in the warning boxes yet again!


June 8th, 2011 - Morgan County & Adams County chase



May 19th, 2011 - kinda dry run chase

May 19th After work Dry run.  All the models were sporatic at best, but the best area to go sit today seemed to be fort morgan colorado.  We were correct!  On our way out the storm went severe warned and we made the play of the day for N.E. Colorado (A land spout was spotted in el paso county, but that is a LONG drive).  Total miles traveled for this chase was 260 and the time was 3 pm to 9 pm.  Good dry run per say to test our equipment purchases from over the winter months and can't wait for more action.




Chase Season 2012

Chase Season has Begun!!!!!

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